Mac's Graphix



   Mac's Graphix was born in 2004 from a passion shown earlier in my life. As a teenager I thought it fantastic I could express myself through art, sort of thinking out loud on paper! My Stepdad gave my brother and I an old '56 Plymouth station wagon and the rest is history; my love of cars established combined with my artistic talent gave me a direction I've never regretted!


1. My first drawing at 14. I had fallen for the '67 Corvettes. I remember a new '67 fastback, 427 tri-power, Lake pipes, dark green; went for $5400 at the local Chevy dealership in Newburgh, NY in 1966.

2. At an early age I saw that Corvettes were a Chevrolet with attitude. Henry, an upper classman at the local high school, had one that was rumored to cost him $1200 a year in auto insurance. I give a big nod of appreciation to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth whose artistic caricatures of hot rods inspired my style.

3. My heart eventually found it’s true love for the ’55 Chevy. My first love was bought for $50 from a guy named Ed. Six banger 3 speed and rust. Turquoise and white, I jammed a ’62 409/409 hp in it. With the ST-10, complete with a Hurst shifter Ed left in the trunk of the car, I was ready to burn up the roads around Coldenham-Newburgh area…. along with the H15’s on the rear of the car!